Tuesday, 1 December 2015

In the beginning...

In the beginning, at the dawn of time,
we walked the earth in dignity sublime;
as his own image God had made mankind,
for him to live, and in him meaning find.

2 But Adam fell, and with him all our race;
now we’re made perfect only by God’s grace;
but, though we marred his image in the fall,
still marks of glory dignify us all.

3 Lord, may we value all with highest worth,
whatever race or class they are by birth;
honour the old, protect the unborn life,
though all around is cruelty and strife. 

4 Lord, may we love and serve our neighbour well,
Christ’s kindness show, his glorious gospel tell;
till he returns, our Saviour come again,
to end injustice, and in truth to reign.
5 Then we shall see him as he really is,
and shall be like him, in his sinlessness;
then, as his image, we will praise, adore
and, in his likeness, serve him evermore.

Andrew King (1961-)
© Christchurch Haywards Heath, administered by Praise! Trust
Recommended tune: Ellers


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