Friday, 25 March 2016

Kicking back on Good Friday

Today's the day. We get our chance. Someone once said that given half a chance we'd kill our creator - and today we're going to. 

All that perfection. All that love. All that holiness. Everything about everything that man says and does makes me feel like a little s***. And I'm sick of it. I want shot of him!

Just think - a couple of stiff beatings, a few nails - job done. I know it seems a bit barbaric, but think of the freedom! Imagine: with him gone... No hell below us! Above us only sky! Then we can get on with living for today. 

A whole world of possibility opens up for us going forward. This, friends, is where we've been heading ever since we got the Knowledge. We are now utterly free to choose EVERYTHING for ourselves. With no rule-maker and no judge, with the king dead, there is no one there to tell us what to do. Nothing is absolutely wrong anymore - just wrong when it offends. There is no "truth" out there, so make your own. 

From now on, we just have... from now on. This moment. Now. This. Love it. Live it. Breathe. Enjoy. Give yourself to it. No one is there who will ever judge anything you do! Free at last! We're free at last!

Mind you, if he ever comes back from this, we're stuffed. Don't give me that happy Easter crap. If after THIS God makes him alive, then what's he going to appoint him? And having killed him, what will he do to us? And all this freedom of ours... what will he have to say?

I hope death can hold him. Cos, if it can't, we're going to need a rethink. 

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