Friday, 23 October 2015

We must be careful not to worship the Bible...

If a woman is in love with a man, and he writes letters and cards, and she keeps them all in a special place and gets them out and re-reads them carefully many times paying great attention to the wording and the lovely way he writes - does she love the letters or does she love the man? 

And if she reads the letters once and chucks them in the bin, or is always talking about how inconsistent they are, and poking holes, what would we think about her love for the man?

The slightest hint of strong respect for the Bible, the idea that it can actually be viewed (while taking into account the diversity of its human history, genres, language and culture) as One Book with One Author, the notion that this Author may have overruled its production such that it is true and authoritative - I hear all of these being met almost as a routine, knee-jerk reaction with the statement, "We must be careful not to end up worshipping the Bible." 

I think it is a total non sequitur. It just makes no sense. I don't worship the Bible. I never have. I happen to believe in a big, powerful and gracious God who can use sinners to write something that faithfully reveals him, that's all. I'm so thankful that he is so great, and I worship him. 

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