Tuesday, 10 March 2015

On this day... George Scott Railton

On 10th March 1880, George Scott Railton arrived in the USA, "invading" New York in a work that launched the Salvation Army in North America.
Most of his quotes are too long to fit on a portrait, though I do like the one shown. However, my favourite is...
I intend carefully to instruct my children that if at any time they see The Salvation Army a wealthy, respectable concern, the majority of whose “soldiers” simply go where they please to attend its’ “ministrations,” leaving the godless undisturbed to perish; and if they see another set of people, however they may be clothed or despised, who really give up all to go and save the lost, then they must not for a moment hesitate to leave the concern their poor old dad helped to make, and go out amongst those who most faithfully carry out what the founder of the Army laid down in his writings and acts, may God preserve them from such a day by keeping the Army free from the love of money and ease.
George Scott Railton, An Autobiography, Full Salvation, Jan. 1, 1894.

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